Your Success Principle

Your success principle starts with my defining success. What is success? Only by understanding its meaning can you hope to move towards finding success in life.


Success is: The progressive realisation of a worthwhile goal.


Progressive gives you a step by step journey, not a destination.
Realisation means it must be achievable.
Worthwhile helps you to make it happen, provided you are passionate and have a burning desire.

Success Begins From Within

Let me ask you a question. Do you know what you really want? What is it, that you deeply desire? What will stir your passion to achieve something worthwhile in your life?

Only you can decide what you really want to do or to have. It must be something you are willing to do, what ever it takes, to make it happen. Your success depends on how much passion you have to reach your goal.


Here is another question I have for you. Where do you want to be in five or ten years time? I found diving on the Barrier Reef, on Lady Elliot Island absolutely unbelievable. I have always wanted to sail across the Atlantic Ocean. Maybe you would like to be sunbathing on an Anguilla beach, own your own home or just giving up smoking. I can not help you to decide only you can choose what you truly desire.

Dream Building

Some of you will find that it's not always easy to decide exactly what it is that you desire. Some will find it easy, but it is you do it that makes all the difference. Your success principle starts with this first skill of dream building. I strongly suggest you need to start here. You have to have a dream. You have to know what you want or where you want to be, regardless of how you are going to get there. Your success principle starts here.

Goal Setting

To start this next skill, I am assuming that you have completed and written down your dreams as described in Your first success principle. This brings me to the next skill of how to turn those dreams of yours into goal setting activity. Because we are goal oriented animals, learning how to write goals is a valuable skill. So what are goals and why are they so important?

Attitude Perception

This next success principle, I would like to share with you, is about how your attitude can effect your future. Your attitude perception can have a direct affect on your dreams and goals. An understanding of this skill forms a critical success factor for you to find success. I must emphasize how much your attitude can play an important role in whether you find success or failure. This skill, I can show you, teaches how attitude perception can have a dramatic affect on you and your future.

Self Belief and Self Image

I now come to the image you have of yourself. Your self belief and image you have will make a big difference to the level of success you can achieve. Realize that your current self image may have been made in error. Allow me to show you how to create a new self image of yourself.


I have shared with you: how to dream build, set your goals, improved your attitude perception and self belief. However, without ACTION nothing will change. Your success principle fails unless you take this essential step to find your action potential.

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