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Welcome to Find-Success.com. Most people want success in life but lack the skills needed to achieve what they are looking for. The knowledge I am sharing here has taken many years to collect from quite a few different sources. My name is Adrian Reddish and my hope is that this site will help you to make the choice to learn and impliment these skills. 

How to Find Success in your Life

Do you seek success and happiness in your life, but it has eluded you. Do you desire a lifestyle that is better than what you have right now? Why do some succeed with apparent ease? What do others do that makes all the difference?


Find-success.com is all about guiding you to gain the knowledge that will help you to achieve the results and the lifestyle that you desire.  My purpose is to lay the seeds for you to gain all that you hope for.


All About Programming

To explain what I mean here let me use a simple example. Let us say you have a computer with a printer. You have spent some time creating a document and you proceed to print it. To your dismay there is a typo error. So what you do is get an eraser and correct it. Now satisfied you then press print, but the error is still there.

It does not matter how many times you correct the error, the result is always the same. It is obvious to you and I that all we have to do is go back to the computer and correct the typo. What you have to change is the programming if you desire a different result.

Programed not to Find Success

What would you say if I said that 95% of people are programmed not to find success. 

The programming that you have right now has arrived from many sources. These include your parents, education, friends, religeous leaders, culture, the media from television, radio and newspapers. You are being literately bombarded on a dayly basis of what you can and should not do. In other words what is expected of you and what others tell you to do just to fit into the norm.

The Good News

You can be part of the 5%. You can alter your programming. This will influence your thoughts which in turn defines your attitude. Your attitude determines the activities and action which produces the desired results. This then leads you to the lifestyle and success you desire.

I'm going to share some essential skills that will build on what you already have that brought you to where you are right now. You need these to progress, without which you will remain exactly where you are.

These skills are not taught in school and the rich do not want you to know them! You can choose to break out with new knowledge to find greatness in your life.

This website is dedicated to you who arrived here ready to ask yourself the hard question, "Why haven't I succeeded yet?" ready to recognize yourself here, ready to reinvent yourself in order to succeed.

This quote encapsulates nicely the aim I have for this website.

"There is no more noble occupation in the world than to assist
another human being - to help someone succeed."
- Alan Loy McGinnis

Are You Ready to Get Started

If you are struggling to find success in life, I am offering to help you to  say yes to your potential. I am very passionate about these gifts of life and to share them with you. The feeling I get in helping someone to find their true potential is priceless.

I am Adrian Reddish who lives in the UK and my aim is to set the seeds to guide you towards the very things that you have always hoped for. I will show you how to find a way to help you reach your goals, allowing you to enjoy the total freedom you have always wanted. I will also introduce you to new skills that will help get you there.

You can also make contact via my contact Adrian page to ask a question or make a comment. Be sure to "like" each page at the top of the right column. You can also make a Facebook comment at the bottom of every page, to share your thoughts with me and your friends.

You will appreciate that this is a process that takes time. But the reward, if you are prepared to work at it, will be well worthwhile and beyond your wildest dreams. So I say to you:

Say YES! to your full potential.

This well known saying puts it, in quite a nice nutshell.

"Inch by inch, everything is a cinch.
Mile by mile, may take a while."

We will start with a definition and guide you with a bit of dream building and goal setting to begin your new journey to:

Find Success in Your Life.

This will involve action on your part because without it nothing at all will happen. You will start to believe "I can do it". You will also be able to adjust the image you have of yourself. Doing these things will take you forward and allow you to see the person you really are! You could choose to be like the cow in the field chewing the cud, which is do nothing, or choose to drive the Rolls Royce. I know which one I choose, do you?

Here is another saying that I found quite thought provoking. Think on this for a few moments!

"Ships are safe in harbour,
but that's not what they are designed for"

The question is; what happens to the ship that stays in harbour? Yes that's right, it rots! We are designed to go out and seek new experiences, find new horizons and discover new fortunes in life.

Solo Build It!

Digging Deeper to Find Success

After laying these essential foundations I will be exploring some other areas of gaining a success mindset to your life, including:

  • Online business success tips on how to have your own website, from being an absolute beginner or experienced webmaster.
  • The art of Attraction Marketing and how to get Click by Click online training. How to generate massive MLM lead generation to become a professional internetwork marketeer.
  • How to enjoy your success with easy tools for general health, wellness and fitness.
  • Find out how much water to drink and how it effects your health.
  • How to understand, why is nutrition important.
  • Introduce you to the "Miracle plant" of Aloe Vera health benefits.
  • You can share some of my favourite motivational poems.

As new skills evolve they will be added to your skill set. All along the way I am available to answer your questions.

I would like you to enjoy this website, to find that success and freedom that you have always dreamed of for so long. I am sure that you will find it useful. I would strongly encourage you to persevere by continuing to visit often to follow it through.


"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily." - Zig Ziglar


There will be continuing updates as the website grows with more content and priceless information. All I ask of you is to please share, with me, your results and how this website has helped you.


"My wish for you today is to find success in your life and always strive to reach your full potential."
- Adrian Reddish


To your success

Adrian Reddish


A Tribute to Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn was and always will be a hero who has influenced so many people around the world. His passing away on the 5 December 2009 was a great loss. But his legacy will live on in so many hearts and minds of those who loved him for what he has given them in their lives. In the video below you will get a flavour of the kind of man he was.

God bless you Jim Rohn.

Also I would like to refer you to a man who knew Jim personally. He loved him as his mentor and strives to carry on Jim's work. You will find much to learn from Eric Worre here as I do each day.

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